The emergence of the Institute of Operational Research and Management Science of Nigeria (IORMS) as a credible, public-based, and truly professional Operational Research organisation in Nigeria is a culmination of earlier efforts in this direction, over the years, which formally started with the formation in 1983, of an ” OR Club” at the University of Lagos, by Professor (then Dr.) Funso Akingbade. This pioneer effort was itself triggered by the then ongoing active interests in the International Operational Research circles, principally the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS) in the promotion of Operational Research (OR) in developing countries. The formation of IORMS, therefore, is an indication of the coming of age of Operational Research and Management Science professionalism in Nigeria.

IORMS has been formed specifically to be a veritable tool for fast tracking the development process in Nigeria. In this regard IORMS will focus on researching to identify and develop, as well as to promote the use of appropriate OR and Management Science methodologies, models, and techniques in Nigeria. In this regard IORMS is poised to set up various organs and platforms effective to achieve the deliverables in this regard.

IORMS indeed will be membered by professionals and will be operated along strict professional lines according to professional ethos. The various categories of members will also be established based on best world professional standards. This will distinguish IORMS from any other existing formations in Nigeria in the guise of professional OR/MS. Everyone is welcome on board, therefore, that hold dear these ideals.

Welcome to IORMS.

Prof. J.F. Akingbade (President, IORMS)